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“Our mission is to facilitate research, education, and the advancement of scientific knowledge through access and preservation of our diverse collection of rock, lake, and marine sediment samples from around the world and pole to pole.”

The OSU-MGR is a National Science Foundation (NSF) funded repository located in the Research Way Building of Oregon State University. The repository’s collection includes more than 24 miles of oceanic sediment cores and tens of thousands of marine rock specimens that provide scientists an archive of Earth’s history, including changes in climate, biology, volcanic and seismic activity, meteorite interactions and more.


The facility is well-equipped to run major sampling parties, research programs, and educational endeavors such as workshops and tours. Laboratory space is available for analytical activities including scanning tracks for physical properties and elemental analyses.


 OSU-MGR instrumentation includes:
• A GEOTEK MSCL-S multi-sensor tracks (MST) that provide gamma ray attenuation (GRA) bulk density, loop or point-source magnetic susceptibility (MS), P-wave velocity (PWA) and electrical resistivity (ER)
• A GEOTEK XZ system that provides line scan camera photography and point-source magnetic susceptibility (MS)
• A GEOTEK XYZ system that provides point-source magnetic susceptibility (MS), handheld Olympus XRF, and color spectrophotometry
• An ITRAX XRF Scanner capable of split core and u-channel measurement at fine-scale resolution

In addition, the MGR has a core splitter, rock saw and rock drill press, freeze dryers, two -30°C upright freezers and numerous microscopes (petrographic with digital camera and binocular)

More Information

If you would like more information about these instruments, the facility, requesting samples, or scheduling an educational tour, please see our website:


The Marine and Geology Repository is located at the Research Way Building, Oregon State University, Corvallis OR.

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OSU Marine and Geology Repository
4700 SW Research Way
Corvallis, Oregon 97333

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Phone: (+1) 541-737-8210